The human world is not just material, and music only proves it. Forests
are the lungs of our planet Earth, they inspire us and bring us peace.
Their pleasant “silence”, greenery, the rustling of trees and the twittering
of birds act like a balm to our soul. Since ancient times, people have
understood nature as something eternal. However, due to the fast pace
of civilization, we are losing a connection with nature. We are moving
further and further away from it and we understand nature as just
a commodity to take advantage of. But is nature really something eternal
and for granted? Recently, forests have been in constant danger and
are literally disappearing in front of our eyes.

From this inquiry came the idea of composing Concert for Forest,
a composition that glorifies nature as something perfect, functional and
harmonious, standing in opposition to an exhausted human society,
which has reached the limits of its sustainability. The Concert For Forest
is therefore a contemporary ritual of finding a connection with nature.
It is an unconventional performance of classical music in the environment
of a cut-down forest. The ritual forces the audience to stop and
consciously experience what is happening around.

The author of the music, Jiří Trtík (Trtini), comes from Czech Republic
and his childhood is connected with the forests that surrounded his
home. However, they disappeared in a short time recently. This is one of
the most drastic changes many people have experienced in their
lifetime. They often do not recognize the places they used to go everyday
anymore. The response to these events is the composition Concert for
Forest, which will allow spectators to experience the loss, say goodbye,
and especially think about the relationship between mankind and nature
through a medium that is called by many to be the closest
nature – music.



The newly formed STRO.MY Ensemble gave a voice to forest.
The premiere of the Concert For Forest took a place in an untraditional
environment of a glade.

A unique musical experience in which
the audience can take a break for a moment and, accompanied
by tones of music and the sounds of the forest, reflect on our current
relationship with nature.



The authors of the project: Jiří Trtík, Martin Páv
Manager: Martin Černý
Director of the event: Martin Páv
Composer: Jiří Trtík 

Sound engineers: Adam Bláha, Michal Navrátil, Klárka Ondráčková

Video: Prokop (

 Photographer: Tomáš Jakubec

Bassoon: Michaela Špačková

French horn: Yngve Abelvik (Norway)

Violin I: Lidia Mordyuk (Ukraine)

Violin II: Pavel Hrala

Viola: Adam Pechočiak

Violoncello: Daria Dziadevych (Ukraine)

Doublebass: Fátima Agüero (Spain)

Harp: Veronika Lemishenko (Ukraine)

Percussion I: Antonín Procházka

Percussion II: Matouš Hrábek

Mezzo-soprano: Marie Svobodová 

Conductor: Jiří Trtík

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HitHit crowdfunding campaign

The creation of Concert for the Forest was supported by a successful crowdfunding campaign that took place in the summer of 2021. The funds raised will be used for the premiere of Concert for the Forest and the creation of a new professional ensemble STRO.MY.

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