Czech Christmas Mass



Soprano: Kristýna Kůstková
Alto: Marie Svobodová
Tenor: Petr Nekoranec
Bass: Pavel Vančura

Ensemble and choir STRO.MY
Flute: Tomáš Stýblo
Clarinet: Anna Pauová, Jiří Javůrek
French horn: Kateřina Javůrková
Organ: Viktor Darebný
Violin I: Ludmila Pavlová
Violin II: Petr Pavlicek
Viola: Josef Kluson
Cello: Juraj Škoda
Double bass: Indi Stivín
Conductor: Jiří Trtík

Instrumentation: solo, choir, flute, 2 clarinets, horn, organ and string quintet.
Graphic design by Marie Svobodová, Anna Křížová
Sound: Michal Navrátil
Musical supervision: Petr Strejc



Czech composer, conductor, teacher, winner of the OSA award for the most successful composer of classical music abroad Jiří Trtík is known for his unique project Concert for the forest. Now, with his STRO.MY Ensemble, he has decided to release a recording of his own arrangement Czech Christmas Mass.

The Czech Christmas Mass arranged by Jiří Trtík is dedicated to the memory of the composer, cantor, composer, scholar, and enlightenment scholar Jakub Jan Ryba.

“First and foremost, I tried to capture the message of this music and preserve its modesty and humility, the sincerity, simplicity, sweetness and playfulness of this mass which blends Viennese classicism with Bohemian folklore. Although simple, it is certainly not banal music. Personally,
I know of no other piece that so accurately captures the spirit of Czech Christmas, it has something that no other contains. It always transports me to another world. It makes me think again.” –  Jiří Trtík


“The small church is a setting that, spiritually, energetically and acoustically, suits this
music the most. I am extremely happy that we managed to find one day in this line-up that
we could dedicate to this recording in a small church in Světlá nad Sázavou,
where I grew up and where we traditionally do Rybovka every year. It’s a small miracle for me.”
– Jiří Trtík