Electric Universe: Premiere of a Unique Concept Connecting the Worlds of Classical and Electronic Music. Experience the extraordinary fusion of modern classical and electronic music accompanied by a symphony orchestra and featuring world-renowned stars of the dance scene. 

This magnificent music and audiovisual show, blending two seemingly disparate musical worlds, will be presented by composer and producer Karel Havlíček. The evening will begin with classical compositions from his repertoire reimagined in a modern context, followed by Karel Havlíček’s electronic live set, both accompanied by the STRO.MY Ensemble symphony orchestra. Later in the evening, the planetary system will shift into pure electronic mode, featuring performances by global stars such as Fritz Kalkbrenner, Agents Of Time, Jerome Isma-Ae, and more.



The event took place on November 24, 2023, starting at 9:00 PM at the O2 Universum in Prague.

Link to the event