O ansámblu

STRO.MY Ensemble is a musical ensemble based on an innovative approach to music and site-specific performances, often incorporating visual and performative elements. Under the leadership of a composer, conductor and artistic director Jiří Trtík, the ensemble focuses on experimental music and blends various genres and musical styles. Their work is characterized by a combination of acoustic instruments and electronic elements, creating a unique sonic backdrop. STRO.MY Ensemble regularly performs on festival stages and is recognized both domestically and internationally as an innovative force in the field of contemporary classical music. 

STRO.MY Ensemble was founded in 2021 with the idea of a premiere project Concert for Forest. It was initiated by composer Jiří Trtík with the aim of creating a dynamic and international music ensemble that will make premieres of music by living composers and collaborate with international artists across artistic disciplines.




Founder & Artistic director: Jiří Trtík
Manager: Martin Černý
Film director: Martin Páv

Lesní roh: Yngve Abelvik (Norsko)
Harfa: Veronika Lemishenko (Ukrajina)
I. perkuse: Antonín Procházka
Percussion II: Matěj Diviš
I. housle: Lidia Mordyuk (Ukrajina)
II. housle: Pavel Hrala
Viola: Adam Pechočiak
Violoncello: Daria Dziadevych (Ukrajina)
Double Bass: Tiago di Bella (Brazil)

Vocal soloists: Klára Jelínková, Sabina Olive, Barbora Šampalíková, Marie Svobodová


Martin Černý

+420 792 360 795